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Our 40 patents and processes allow us to build quantum computers using existing semiconductor fabs to create scalable quantum computers with higher upper limits than non-silicon quantum computers. We plan on releasing initial demonstration circuits in 2025, with commercial quantum computers in 2028-2030

built in existing semiconductor fabs


Where we believe quantum computing can make an impact


automobiles and travel
Quobly quantum computer

our technology: the silicon qubit

Turning transistors into silicon spin qubits: how it works

Quobly, French Quantum computer
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Our home: Grenoble, France,
a center for excellence in semiconductors.

Meet our founders

A multidisciplinary team experienced in tech research and development, driven by ambitious business objectives.

Maud Vinet, Quobly Co-founder & CEO

Maud Vinet


Tristan MEUNIER, Quobly Co-founder & CTO

Tristan Meunier


Francois PERRUCHOT, Quobly Co-founder & COO

François Perruchot



May 2024
Quobly Names its Scientific Advisory Board

Quobly has unveiled its Scientific Advisory Board marking a significant step forward in de-risking the industrialization of its silicon spin qubit-based quantum processor.

Comprising esteemed international experts in quantum research & technologies, the board will provide invaluable scientific guidance.

"Our Scientific Advisory Board will be pivotal in bringing our vision to fruition manufacturing a scalable quantum processor with expansive quantum computing capabilities,” commented Quobly CEO, Maud Vinet. “Quobly will leverage their insights to foster innovation and accelerate our progress, not only at the qubit level but also in technology development, algorithms, use cases and industry readiness."

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March 2024
France invites Quobly to participate in Proqcima
Proqcima Linkeidn photo

In March 2024, the French Ministry for Armed Forces and Secretary general for investment announced that Quobly would be 1 of 5 startups chosen to be a part of the framework agreement of Proqcima, a program supporting French quantum startups to develop a quantum computer.

Proqcima is a pioneering program that aims to gather the most brilliant minds in the world to tackle the most challenging issues of building fault tolerant large-scale quantum computers. It will involve a 15-year innovation partnership between the government and 5 quantum computing companies with the goal of building two universal fault-tolerant quantum computers of a significant scale:

  • 3-4 years: two logical qubits with a universal set of error corrected gates
  • 6-8 years: running phase estimation with 128 inputs


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July 2023
Quobly wins €2.5 million EIC grant to develop FD-SOI quantum processor demonstrator
July 2023 Quobly wins €2.5 million EIC grant to develop FD-SOI quantum processor demonstrator
The European Innovation Council has approved €2.5 million in EIC Transition funding for Quobly for its MCSQUARE project. This new project will build on the advances made during the Quantum Flagship project QLSI (Quantum Large Scale Integration in Silicon) to deliver an FD-SOI-based quantum processor demonstrator with a novel 4x4 multicore architecture.

This architecture presents several advantages. In the long-term, it will facilitate the distribution of error correction routines over the different cores and support progress towards fault-tolerance. In the short term, multicore architectures can support promising noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) algorithms, an area where multicore architectures with quantum could provide a real quantum advantage. Quobly systems will be deployed as computational accelerators in HPC centers.

“At Quobly, we are on track to build the most energy-efficient and cost-effective full-stack quantum processor. Through the EIC-funded Transition program, we will demonstrate a multicore architecture leveraging Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator (FD-SOI) technology, the cornerstone of scaling. We will then be prepared to increase both the number of cores and the number of qubits per core,” said Maud Vinet, CEO of Quobly.

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July 2023
Quobly raises €19 million

Quobly (formerly Siquance) completed its first funding round of €19 million. The startup is developing a fault-tolerant quantum processor to power a universal quantum computer.

Quantonation, Bpifrance (via the Deep Tech 2030 fund managed on behalf of the French government as part of the France 2030 program), Supernova Invest, and Innovacom led the round. Crédit Agricole Alpes Développement, CEA Investissement, Caisse d'Epargne Rhone Alpes, and BNP Paribas also participated. The influx of capital will double Quobly’s R&D capabilities and allow the company to deploy the remote access solutions needed to develop software. Download the press release (in French).
July 2023
Siquance is now Quobly
Logo Quobly

Siquance has a new name: Quobly!

Siquance’s new name, Quobly, for “Quantum” and “Grenoble,” symbolizes the historically strong ties between quantum research and development and the semiconductor industry in Grenoble.
June 2023
Quobly (formerly Siquance) French Tech 2030 winner
Siquance / Quobly French Tech 2030
Quobly (formerly Siquance) is one of 125 French Tech 2030 winners selected from more than 800 candidates. As a member of the first-ever French Tech 2030 cohort, Quobly will support the government’s industrial and technological sovereignty strategy by helping build a domestic quantum computing industry.
Dec 2022
IEDM 2022 plenary by Quobly CEO Maud Vinet

Maud Vinet gives plenary talk at IEDM on “Enabling full fault tolerant quantum computing with silicon based VLSI technologies”.

Dec 2022
French Quantum Startup Delegation
Quobly (formerly Siquance) travels to Washington, D.C. as part of the French Quantum Startup Delegation at the Quantum World Congress.
Nov 2022
Quobly (formerly Siquance) is founded

Creation of quantum computing startup Siquance (now Quobly), a CEA-CNRS spinoff, announced at a press conference in Grenoble.

Logo Siquance      logo CEA new         Logo cnrs

July 2022
Quobly (formerly Siquance) wins I-Lab award
Siquance i-Lab prize

Siquance won a 2022 I-Lab Innovation Grand Prix from Bpifrance, France’s government investment bank.

Quobly is hiring

Quobly is helping build a quantum-enabled future by developing cost-effective universal quantum processors to solve currently unsolvable problems in health, energy, mobility, and more. Working at Quobly also means:

  • Working in Grenoble, home to some of the fastest-moving tech and industrial companies around, and a great base camp for a wide range of activities from arts and culture to outdoor and mountain sports.
  • The opportunity to develop in-demand skills alongside the best researchers in their fields.
  • A collaborative work environment and a company culture where trust is paramount and where individual contributions are recognized.
  • Presenting at international conferences to share our latest results.
  • Work-life balance, with a standard package of 213 workdays per year.
  • Work from home up to four days per week, depending on the position.
  • Offices are located near Grenoble’s train and bus stations for an easy commute.
  • Employer contribution to public transportation passes and human-powered mobility solutions.

At Quobly, we believe that professionalism, trust, teamwork, and an environment that encourages all employees to exceed their personal best are fundamental to our collective success. We also believe that fun and celebration are an essential part of any workplace.

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Instruments and automation embedded software engineer

We are looking for someone to work on the development of the “software” stack of the Quobly designed control and acquisition boards.

Logo Quobly

Characterisation technician

We are looking for someone to work on the measurement of the Cmos devices at room and low temperature

Logo Quobly

Integration Team Leader

We are looking for an experienced integration team leader to manage the quantum flavour development of the FDSOI technology at foundries and CEA-Leti

Logo Quobly

Simulation Team Leader

We are looking for a simulation team leader to take in charge the simulation activity

Apply for a position or contact us!

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Instruments and automation embedded software engineer

What awaits you every day at Quobly:

What awaits you every day at Quobly:

  • You will contribute to the development of the “software” stack of the Quobly designed control and acquisition boards. This software is running on PC, embedded linux on ARM and FPGA.
  • You will contribute to the development of PC instrument drivers for executing characterization or quantum measurement experiments.
  • You will contribute to the development of automation/control software for Quobly silicon probers.
  • You will contribute to the automation of CMOS / quantum characterization measurement lead by the characterization team.
  • You will contribute to the automation of quantum measurements done by the quantum team.
  • For all those subjects you will interact with a multidisciplinary team to understand the needs (what), define and implement (how) and validate.


  • Collaborate with talented people, in a culture of transparency and autonomy.
  • Contribute to the success of the technical team.
  • Contribute to the success of Quobly

You are special because:

  • You have a strong background in one the following topics:
    • FPGA programming (VHDL/ Verilog), ideally on Xilinx platform (Zynq Ultrascale)
    • Embedded linux kernel drivers development.
    • Embedded software development on ARM based platforms.
  • You have a strong knowledge in at least one of the following language: C/C++/Python/Rust
  • You master collaborative software development practices and tools (git, continuous integration, unit testing, bug tracking,…)
  • You have knowledge in microelectronics and semiconductor
  • You are customer oriented (whether they are internal or external), are able to discuss/understand their needs and support them.
  • If you miss some skills, just think of applying anyway.

Technicien en caractérisation

Ce qui vous attend au quotidien chez Quobly

Des défis techniques

  • Vous effectuerez la caractérisation des dispositifs MOS à température ambiante et aussi à basse température.
  • Vous effectuerez des tests paramétriques pour l’amélioration et le suivi de la technologie quantique.
  • Vous effectuerez des tests automatiques et semi automatiques à l’aide de stations de sondes.
  • Vous effectuerez également une caractérisation du process technologique par des tests de fiabilité, des mesures de dispersion (bruit) et des études de mobilité.
  • Vous assurerez la maintenance premier niveau des appareils de mesure.

De la collaboration

  • Collaborer avec des gens talentueux, dans une culture de transparence et d’autonomie.
  • Travailler de pair avec les membres de l’équipe de caractérisation et de l’équipe d’intégration, mais également avec les membres des autres équipes techniques.
  • Contribuer à l’atteinte des jalons techniques de l’entreprise.

Vous êtes spécial parce que :

  • Vous avez des connaissances en mesure de paramètres électriques.
  • Vous êtes attirés par les défis techniques.
  • Vous êtes autonome.
  • Si certaines compétences vous manquent, pensez quand même à postuler. Nous sommes convaincus que votre expérience ainsi que votre volonté et votre sens de l’aventure peuvent faire la différence.

Integration Team Leader

What awaits you every day at Quobly:

Technical challenges

  • Accountable for the development of foundries manufacturing flows
    • Definition of the methodology to qualify a flow
    • Validation of the POR (process of record) and of setting up the process to make changes
  • Lead the integration team within the engineering department
  • Accountable for defining score cards according to the maturity of the process and monitoring performance indicators.
  • Contribute to the definition of the characterization strategy
  • Participate in multidisciplinary exchanges.
  • File patents to support our IP strategy.
  • Contribute to Quobly’s external leadership
  • Manage technical collaborations with foundries


You are special because:

  • You have a strong knowledge of semiconductor physics and significant experience in the semiconductor industry.
  • You want to know more about spin qubit physics.
  • You have experience in leading/managing complex collaboration in international environment
  • You support teams and structures in their changes and transformation.
  • You favor team work
  • If you lack certain skills, consider applying anyway. We are convinced that your experience as well as your willingness and sense of adventure can make the difference.

Responsable de l'équipe Intégration

Ce qui vous attend au quotidien chez Quobly :

Des défis techniques

  • Responsable du développement des flux de fabrication
    • Définition de la méthodologie de qualification d’un flux
    • Validation du POR et de la mise en place du processus de changement
  • Diriger l’équipe d’intégration au sein du département technique
  • Responsable de la définition des tableaux de bord en fonction de la maturité du processus et du suivi des indicateurs de performance.
  • Contribuer à la définition de la stratégie de caractérisation
  • Participer à des échanges multidisciplinaires.
  • Déposer des brevets servant notre stratégie en matière de propriété intellectuelle.
  • Contribuer au leadership externe de Quobly
  • Gérer les collaborations techniques avec les fonderies

De la collaboration

  • Collaborez avec des personnes talentueuses, dans une culture de transparence et d’autonomie.
  • Travailler main dans la main avec les membres de toutes les équipes techniques 
  • Contribuer à la réussite des collaborations industrielles avec le CEA et le CNRS

Vous êtes spécial parce que : 

  • Vous avez une solide connaissance de la physique des semi-conducteurs et une expérience significative dans l’industrie des semi-conducteurs.
  • Vous voulez en savoir plus sur la physique des qubits de spin.
  • Vous avez de l’expérience dans la direction/gestion de collaborations complexes dans un environnement international
  • Vous accompagnez les équipes et les structures dans leurs changements et leur transformation.
  • Vous privilégiez le travail d’équipe 
  • Si certaines compétences vous manquent, pensez quand même à postuler. Nous sommes convaincus que votre expérience ainsi que votre volonté et votre sens de l’aventure peuvent faire la différence.

Simulation Team Leader

What awaits you every day at Quobly:

Technical challenges

  • Lead the simulation team within the engineering department.
  • Accountable for defining and executing the plans for simulation of spin qubits systems, exploring new design, strengthening our understanding of devices and supporting the architecture definition.
  • Coordinate the efforts to increase the maturity of the FEM simulation software to prepare for the industrialization of Quobly quantum chips.
  • Manage the relationships and collaborations with the simulation software providers.
  • Participate in the multidiscipinary efforts required to develop a spin qubit technology.
  • In a start up environment, prepare yourself to team up and give hands in domains that are not necessarily your core competencies.



  • Collaborate with talented people, in a culture of transparency and autonomy.
  • Work hand in hand with members of our technical teams.
  • Contribute to the success of the industrial collaborations with CEA and CNRS


You are special because:

  • You have knowledge of semiconductor physics and simulation tools
  • Having knowledge of spin qubit physics is a plus.
  • You support teams and structures in their changes and transformation.
  • You favor team work
  • If you lack certain skills, consider applying anyway. We are convinced that your experience as well as your willingness and sense of adventure can make the difference.


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